Wet Dust Extraction for:

Compact, Reliable, and High-Volume Dust Collection

High volume wet dust collection system. Metal ducting is connected to both ends of a dust collection machine.

The Benetech Wet Dust Extraction System provides high-efficiency dust collection with significant advantages over traditional dry dust collection.

Benetech’s advanced technology supplies a proven, common-sense solution to the issues that can arise with fabric-filter systems and combustible dust. Benetech’s wet dust extractor uses energy generated by a bifurcated fan to encapsulate dust particles into atomized water, a mixing process that requires an aggressive energy transfer in a small space.

The Wet Dust Extraction System supports a smaller footprint, simpler maintenance, and lower installation costs than traditional systems. It also provides high-volume capabilities in one compact unit that can be placed for easy access.

Engineered in a flexible custom package for a wide performance range, our system offers great versatility for industries such as mining, power utilities, and heavy process.

The Environmental Protection Agency identifies wet dust extraction/collection as the Best Demonstrated Available Technology. In addition to collecting and handling combustible dust, our wet dust extractor keeps you compliant with current safety regulations.


Benetech Wet Dust Extraction/Collection

Distinct Design Advantages

  • Removes 99.7% of dust
  • Guaranteed air volume
  • Produces multiple air-volume ranges
  • Handles hydrated materials
  • Eliminates the need for compressed air, belt maintenance, and bag changes
  • Increases worker safety by removing the motor from the air stream
  • Prevents bag-house explosions due to dry dust handling
  • Filters high-temperature incoming gases



  • Civil and tunneling applications
  • Highwall miner applications
  • Coal preparation plants
  • Lime dust
  • Coal reclaim tunnel ventilation
  • MCC room pressurization
  • Coal transfer stations
  • Rail car dumps
  • Coal tripper rooms
  • Truck dumps
  • Conveyor transfer points
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Crusher building dust extractor
  • Underground coal mining
  • FGD plants


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