Vibrators for More Efficient Material Flow

Inadequate material flow can create pluggage and build-up that clog machinery and hinder production. Benetech offers a superior line of vibrators that help bulk material move, sort, feed, and compact with greater freedom, ease, and consistency.

Benetech’s FM/ATEX-certified vibrators for more productive bulk-material handling include:

MVSI Electric Series

Enhances bulk material flow in applications such as bins, hoppers, and silos in a wide range of industrial environments, conditions, and industrial sectors; for use in atmospheres with potentially explosive powders.


Features stainless-steel casing and external components for applications needing total protection from liquids, dusts, aggressive substances, and external components (e.g., chemical, petroleum chemistry, food pharmaceutical).


Includes a thicker-than-average enclosure and reinforced joints that prevent the transmission of internal explosions to surrounding areas; for industrial processes involving potentially explosive atmospheres.


Provides continual industrial service where a reduced centrifugal force and overall vibrator size are required for applications such as feeding, transport, screening, sizing, separation processes, and compaction in chemical automatic machines.

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