A change in the selection of the coal for a steam generator, whether driven by environmental or economic issues, often can dramatically affect the unit’s performance. One of the most important fuel parameters affecting boiler performance is the slagging characteristic. For Example, a deficiency in superheat and reheat temperatures can result from an excess in furnace heat absorption due to an increase in the fusion point of the coal, a reduced ash content or a combination of both. Benetech offers a group of coal ash modification products in our GAM Series, each formulated to meet specific coal and combustion related issues.

Benetech’s coal ash modification products are blends of inorganic ash fusion point modifiers and insulating minerals. They are designed to promote the formation of friable ash layers on furnace superheater backpass and tube walls. The size, shape, density and chemistry are specifically formulated based upon fuel and furnace characteristics.

  • GAM 60-allows recovery of superheat/reheat steam temperatures and an improvement in unit heat rate while maintaining flexibility in fuel supply characteristics.