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Primary Belt Cleaners

Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions: MaxClean Primary Cleaners

A primary cleaner is normally positioned against the drive pulley right below the material flow. The primary cleaner removes most of the material that adheres to the belt after unloading – a vital task. Benetech’s MaxClean primary conveyor belt cleaning solutions get the job done in ensuring a safe, clean, productive operation.

BEP1 – Best Seller

BEP1 Primary Cleaner

Featuring our proprietary AdvantEdge technology, Benetech’s BEP1 primary conveyor belt cleaning system includes an abrasion-resistant polyurethane blade that cleans the belt efficiently while extending its life. A revolution in primary cleaners, the BEP1 outlasts, outcleans and outperforms other cleaners in the market.

Simple to install and maintain, the BEP1’s compact modular design mounts easily in tight chute applications. The conveyor belt scraper blade can be positioned on the head pulley in a range of locations. A unique wave profile allows for a varying attack angle that reduces blade-edge bull-nosing. The conveyor belt scraper blade also can be retrofitted to other cleaner brands.

Safe and quick blade changes are another advantage of Benetech’s primary conveyor belt cleaning solutions, and this is especially true for the BEP1. Simply remove one blade pin, pull out the worn blade, slide in the new blade and then replace the blade pin.

A self-contained torsion tensioner makes the BEP1 easy to retension as well. The tensioner’s self-adjustments also maintain consistent cleaning as the blade wears.

Optimized for vulcanized belts, the BEP1 conveyor belt scraper provides the cleaning power of a metal blade. It is ideal for material handling applications for coal-fired power plants, steel mills, aggregate, ports, cement plants, saw mills, pulp mills and mining.


  • Benetech’s full line of high-performing urethane blades including chemical, high temperature or abrasion resistant to handle any application
  • Spring tensioner (single or double)


BEP2 Primary Cleaner

  • Large (6” x 13”), heavy-duty urethane conveyor belt scraper blades individually contour against the belt for steady blade-to-belt pressure and superior cleaning
  • Longer blade life decreases change-outs and reduces replacement costs
  • Two-piece blade cartridge splits for swift and easy blade removal/replacement
  • Dual mechanical springs apply consistent force across the width of the blades
  • Easy tensioner adjustment quickly returns blade tension back to optimum


  • Benetech’s full line of high-performing urethane blades including chemical, high temperature or abrasion resistant to handle any application



  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction provides excellent durability and longer life for chemical, higher-temperature and high-performance applications
  • 8” tungsten carbide blades and rubber cushions conform to belt cover/surface changes
  • Suspension-arm sizes let the cleaner custom fit on the pulley and fit in limited spaces
  • Modular design works on reversing conveyors
  • Adjustable screw tensioners can be maintained from the sides of the conveyor

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