Conveyor Belt Cleaning Solutions: MaxClean Secondary Cleaners

Benetech’s MaxClean secondary conveyor belt cleaning systems are installed right behind the drive pulley. Available in different designs, they are normally used with a pre-cleaner for the greatest efficiency. They also can be used as a stand-alone conveyor belt cleaning solution if the transported material is dry and fine.

BES1 – Best Seller

This is BES1, our best selling belt scraper.

The BES1’s blade holder keeps the center of the conveyor belt scraper blade on the belt, making it ideal for cupped or worn belts. The blade ends push down for even pressure across the blade, which also arcs into the center as it wears to maintain blade-to-belt contact. The conveyor belt scraper blade pivots and bends around a central pivot as well, allowing it to conform to worn, uneven belts.

A one-piece rubber blade with tungsten carbide tips features flaps that ensure carry-back slides away from the blade and doesn’t build up. The conveyor belt scraper blade also is available in tri-layer, high-temp, dual-layer, ceramic-bead and chemical-resistant rubber for superb water removal. A Rosta joint tensioner absorbs severe impacts as well.

With an overall height of just 5”, the BES1’s low-profile modular design works great in confined-space chutes.

Other advantages of the BES1 conveyor belt cleaning system include:

  • Torsion Arm Segments™ that allow the blade to conform to the belt and move away for obstructions
  • Threaded rods for easily moving the cleaner up to the belt or down for maintenance
  • Quick and easy blade installation and replacement

  BXS1 belt scraper.BXS1

  • Patented cushions float on a fluid-filled tube
  • Segmented cushions and blades rise and adjust to the belt contour for uniform cleaning
  • Mounting under the head pulley allows for fits in tight spaces
  • Special tungsten carbide tips provide extra-long wear life
  • Stainless steel construction will not rust


BXS2 belt scraper.

  • 4” blade with Torsion Arm Segments™ lets blade follow the belt’s contours
  • Built-in shields keep blades free of material build-up
  • Torsion Arm Segments apply consistent blade pressure
  • Easy-to-adjust threaded rods set optimum blade tension
  • Tungsten carbide tipped blades provide exceptional cleaning performance and wear life

*Model BXS2R is available for reversing belts


BXS 3 belt scraper.

  • 150mm segmented blades are tensioned to the belt by impact-absorbing cushions
  • Self-adjusting blades ensure constant blade-to-belt contact
  • Compact design can be installed and maintained in most chute applications
  • Cleaner sits close to the pulley to direct material fines back into the flow
  • Laid-back blade angle allows mechanical splices to pass without any damage

We’re ready to assist you with the right MaxClean secondary conveyor belt cleaning solution for your material handling. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.