XN Externally Adjusted Internal Wear Liner

XN Externally adjusted internal wearliner.

Achieving optimum performance from wear liners requires that they be placed inside the skirtboard. This protects the sealing system and chute work from the wear and tear of material loading and throughput.

The problem has been that getting inside the skirtboard to install, inspect, adjust and replace the wear liner has been difficult. Some have tried approaches such as placing the wear liner outside the skirtboard. That however only welcomes new issues such as exposed chute walls and the danger of material lodging between the chute wall and the liner.

In response to this challenge, Benetech engineered a solution that works. The MaxZone XN Externally Adjusted, Internal Wear liner is placed in the conventional position inside the skirtboard while the adjusting mechanism can be accessed from the outside. You never need to enter the chute to remove the liner or make adjustments.

This patented technology gives you instant advantages including quick, simple wear liner replacements; no confined entry requirements; easy visible adjustment with immediate performance results; reduced early wear and erosion of skirt rubber; extended life of usable steel/chrome; and no more cutting/welding of wear liners.

Backplate of the XN externally adjustable, internal wearliner.


The MaxZone Shield: Protective Armor for Your Skirtboard

Benetech’s shields extend your chute work’s life and efficiency while sealing your system. Since frictional and abrasive properties vary among bulk materials and operational requirements change among belts, we offer different liner types and materials to meet your objective.

Our liners are available in straight or deflector style with a standard thickness of one-half inch. Custom lengths and thicknesses also are available, as are plates with factory-welded mounting studs for ease of installation.

MaxZone wear liner material options include AR 400, ceramic, UHMW, chromium carbide and stainless steel.

We’re ready to support you with the wear liner that provides protection for your chute work as well as easy liner maintenance, replacement and adjustability. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech specialist.