Conveyor Belt TrackingConveyor belt roller with tracking grooves

Used widely in mining and other conveyor-related industries, these reliable, highly reactive conveyor belt tracking idlers continually outperform others on the market.

Because they are made to operate under demanding conditions, the SureGuide trackers prevent belt and structural damage often caused by frame and guide rollers. The result is more savings and less downtime.

Plus, the ‘brains’ of the system are housed in the roller and cannot wear, so the trackers’ function will not fade over time.

The SureGuide trackers accommodate conveyor belts ranging from 450mm to 2600mm in width.

SureGuide Training Idler

The SureGuide Training Idler is a belt-centralizing return pulley made of precision-turned components. Its patented design provides maximum belt tracking performance with an internal pivot module that keeps the shaft rotating to suit the conveyor belt direction.

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, the SureGuide Training Idler features special hardened steels and other alloys for optimal performance and longevity. It can be fully refurbished for about half the cost of a new unit as well.

Each SureGuide Training Idler order also includes the new SureGuide Pressure Control Brackets. The brackets prevent overloading of the shaft; maintain the right pressure between the training idler and the conveyor belt; suit the training idler size and series with individual grading; and make adjusting pressure easy with a bolt from below.

Troughing SureGuide (TSG)

The TSG’s enhanced design provides incremental adjustments to the load-carrying side of the conveyor belt. The components of its independent mechanical frame allow it to instantly adapt to the belt to correct even the smallest misalignment in the conveyor’s troughing section. It gently guides the belt back to the center of the frame, keeping it on track and ready to meet delivery requirements.

The TSG’s function is simple and its performance immediate. It requires no more maintenance than standard idler frames and can withstand the toughest mining environments.

Easy to set up and install, the TSG will accommodate any inclination angle you need.

Reversible SureGuide (RSG)

Reversible conveyors pose a major challenge with belt misalignment. Unlike unidirectional belts where adjusting pulleys and frames can straighten some belt misalignment, reversible belts cannot be corrected, as any adjustments to fix misalignment in the forward direction become the problem area when the conveyor belt is reversed.

The RSG solves this issue by pivoting the shaft in the belt’s direction of travel. The unit includes a unique bracket and inspection cover that lets you see the shaft has rotated in line with belt direction. It also allows you to adjust the RSG roller to ensure optimal contact pressure between it and the belt.

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