Strategic Accessories


Benetech Magna Patch in action, preventing leaks in a damaged transfer system.

Benetech’s patented technology provides quick and effective interim patching for leaks and holes in steel, pipes and other processing equipment awaiting repair. A tension screw pushes the disposable wear pad tightly against the leak in seconds. A swift solution for spill containment as well, the reusable Magna-Patch comes with replaceable wear pads for repeated use.

Available styles include:

  • MP-611 (mini) for smaller-diameter piping and radii surfaces or hard-to-reach areas
  • MP-711 for larger steel surfaces such as bins and hoppers, chute bottoms and troughs
  • MP-811 for larger-diameter piping and radii surfaces, tough holes in corners, or odd-shaped steel parts or equipment

Benetech also offers flat magnetic patches in multiple sizes and dimensions. Magnets line the center of the pad, allowing you to use one side and then flip it over and use the other.

DUSTBLOCKER® Fugitive Dust Windscreen SystemDust blocker in action.

Wind-generated fugitive dust from barge/ship unloading systems, truck dumps, rail-unloading facilities, haul-roads and storage piles create an air-emissions compliance risk as well as product loss, particularly in extreme weather conditions.

To minimize fugitive dust emissions, Benetech’s DUSTBLOCKER Windscreen System drastically reduces wind velocity and particle movement. It allows a portion of the wind volume to penetrate the screen and deflects the rest of the wind around the sheltered area. Reducing the dust velocity also causes dust particles to settle out within the area.

The DUSTBLOCKER polyester-based fabric offers superior resistance to ultra-violet rays, sagging, wrinkles, mildew, rot, insects, acids, alkalis and salts. The windscreen system is available in a range of configurations and sizes.

Return Idler BasketA return idler basket securing a belt idler against falling on workers below.

Benetech’s Return Idler Basket prevents malfunctioning return idlers from falling on workers and equipment below. Easy to install, it requires no welding or cutting – beam-clamp assembly provides simple snap-on. Its large openings also eliminate build-up.

The lightweight design lets one person handle the guard, which can be snapped off to the service idlers or belts. Heavy-duty steel construction eliminates warping and bending, and a powder coating adds even greater durability.