MaxZone Modular Skirtboard and LoadZone Support System

When budget and time constraints rule out a full system replacement, the MaxZone Modular Skirtboard and Belt Support System is your answer for an economical transfer point. With the system’s modular design, you can replace components without special permits or extended shutdowns. Installation is simple and affordable, and no welding is required. This innovative solution incorporates premier dust and spillage control technologies to help keep your operation clean, safe and efficient.

MaxZone Conveyor Belt SupportMaxZone conveyor belt support system (image 1).

MaxZone conveyor belt support system (image 2).Strong conveyor belt support requires high-quality impact beds to prevent potential harm to your belt from falling material. Without the proper conveyor belt supporting structure, your belt can become severely damaged, resulting in lost production time and expensive belt replacement or repairs. Impact beds also provide vital dust and spillage control.

Benetech’s MaxZone conveyor belt support solutions include wide-ranging options such as easy change-out modular designs, roller beds for high-speed belts, and high-tonnage and heavy-duty impact beds for even the toughest conditions.

Ensuring that your belt is on track and not drifting off-center is another important component in your belt conveyor supporting structure design. Used widely in conveyor-related industries such as mining, Benetech’s SureGuide® trainers respond instantly to belt misalignment without special modifications to the structure.

MaxZone Conveyor ContainmentMaxZone conveyor containment system.

Proper conveyor containment significantly reduces airborne and fugitive dust, preventing product loss and spillage while improving operational safety and efficiency.

Benetech’s patented MaxZone Modular Skirtboard System seals your load zone to eliminate worry and improve your material flow. This system also can be retrofitted to accommodate and enhance an existing system as an economical solution to sealing and protecting your load zone.

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