Posted on October 29, 2018 in News

Benetech has welcomed a fun and memorable new member to its corporate team.

As Benetech’s number-one fan and friend, EZ has been brought on board as our first official company mascot. You will start to see him often and get to know him as he begins to share his Benetech success stories.

Benetech's mascot cartoon EZEZ represents every industry that looks to us for solutions to control dust and spillage, improve material flow and ensure regulatory compliance. Wherever you spot him, you’ll recognize him as the symbol of everything that can go right with your company when you partner with Benetech.

If we were to describe EZ in just a few quick words, we’d call him likable, cool, competent and hard-working. His main interest is making sure that his plants are running as they should for optimal production and profit.

Because he is so close to dust mitigation and bulk material handling, he really understands the difficulties involved in moving material from Point A to Point B. He fully appreciates best-in-class products and technologies that provide easy installation and maintenance features to make his job easier. He also likes having one resource instead of many for answers – and of course he loves saving money and time. Sharing his success stories is important to him so he can help others find the solutions they need.

You’ll most often find him discussing:

  • dust suppression
  • engineered transfer chutes for ideal material flow
  • wet dust extraction
  • washdown systems
  • comprehensive conveyor components such as the MaxZone® modular skirtboard and belt support system

At the outset EZ will commonly appear on Benetech’s website and social media, in videos and on promotional items. Down the road he will be starring in his own storyline entitled “The Adventures of EZ.”

To find out more about EZ, as well as more about our solutions for dust mitigation and bulk material handling, contact us at (630) 844-1300 to speak with a Benetech specialist.


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