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PRB Coal/Fuel Conversion

conversion-picDemand for PRB coal is rising due to its environmentally sound lower sulfur content and its cost efficiency. To capitalize on the trend, coal fired plants are forced to optimize their operating efficiencies. As the industry expert, Plant Professionals has assisted in safely converting over 100 plants to handle PRB.

P2’s conversion consulting services include:

  • Combustion tests to assess the ability to safely burn PRB coal
  • Assessment of the entire physical plant and coal yard operations
  • Recommendations that identify all necessary steps to transition to a safe-running PRB coal operation, addressing equipment and technology upgrades to streamline coal yard operation and PRB coal compatibility
  • Documentation of formal procedures for running the new operation
  • Training, from revising hot work procedures for the coal yard area to ensuring that all coal yard personnel understand the challenges of PRB coal and the necessary adjustments to be made to their areas of responsibility
  • Review of combustion processes to assess the ability and challenges to safely burn PRB coal

For more information on PRB Coal/Fuel Conversions please contact Andy Hunter at or 800-843-2625 x220.