Solutions for All Your Dust Mitigation
and Bulk Material Handling Needs


Integrated Material Handling Solutions that help Reduce Dust, Prevent Spillage, Improve Material Flow and Ensure Compliance.

Benetech provides complete, performance-based solutions for dust mitigation and bulk material handling systems. Our products, services and technologies reduce risk, prevent spillage, improve material flow and reinforce compliance for your projects. We are your partner from start to finish in planning, engineering and operating your dust control and material handling. We will help you assess your challenges, establish your priorities and achieve the results you require.

Working with us leads to greater output; less housekeeping; cleaner, safer work sites; less stoppage in production; and lower operation and maintenance costs. Discover more about our capabilities for your business here at our website. We also welcome you to contact us at (630) 844-1300 to further discuss your objectives.


September 12-15, 2018
Phoenix, AZ

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GreenTarp is a blend of polymeric emulsion binding agents, surfactants, and recycled cellulosic products formulated to reduce fugitive dust emissions and erosion from inactive storage piles and various ground covers.

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